Customer Service

How can you use water effectively?

The Lincoln Water Commission offers assistance with Household water conservation, and water-saving plumbing retrofit devices.

The commission encourages odd/even water use for outdoor watering. If your property address is an odd number, you should use outdoor water on odd dates. If your address is an even number, you should use outdoor water on even dates. If the need arises, the Commission may make odd/even water use outdoors mandatory in order to provide adequate water supply for fire protection.

For further information on efficient water use contact the Lincoln Water Commission.

Rate Structure and Abatements

Please note that customers ages 65 or older are entitled to a senior abatement of surcharges. To get this abatement, the individual must come into the LWC office with proof of age and residency and the account will be adjusted accordingly.

  • The abatement is for owner occupied units only.
  • If a customer has a multi family home, the abatement is only for the unit the person lives in.
  • Second homes are not eligible.

Current Rate Structure. Amendment to these rates is effective following a public hearing and a vote by the Board of Water Commissioners.

Rules and Regulations, Information for Builders.

The mission of the Lincoln Water Commission is to promote and protect public health, safety, and welfare through the proper and efficient operation and maintenance of the public water supply serving the Town of Lincoln and the surrounding areas, and to promote coordinated development of unbuilt areas without negatively impacting the existing distribution system.

The following rules and regulations are designed with this mission in mind. Any questions should be directed to the Lincoln Water Commission. Contact information.