Irrigation Rebate

Rebate Program for Smart Irrigation Control Systems

Lincoln, RI - April, 2007 -- The Board of Water Commissioners is pleased to announce a rebate of up to $200 available to owner occupied properties installing the new generation of smart weather-based irrigation control systems. These controls can be installed on existing sprinklers and dramatically reduce water usage by automatically adjusting sprinkler patterns according to weather conditions.

To be eligible for the rebate, homeowners must first install an approved smart weather-based irrigation controller on their sprinkler system. The n send a letter requesting the rebate along with a clear copy of the receipt showing the brand, model number, and date of installation. We will then schedule an inspection and process your application. The rebate payment will be mailed after one full season of operation.

This program is available only to owner occupied dwellings currently served by the Lincoln Water Commission water system. Limited to one rebate per property.

The following is a partial list of vendors of smart weather-based irrigation controllers:

ET Water SystemsRainbird
Interactive Water SystemsWeatherSet

See Eclipse Design Inc. for more information