About Us

The Lincoln Water Commission began in 1955, when it was created by an act of the General Assembly to become a Quasi-Municipal agency responsible for building and operating a public water system for the Town of Lincoln.

Prior to that time, various sections of the Town were serviced by three separate water systems; The City of Woonsocket, The City of Pawtucket and the Town of Cumberland. Fire protection from those systems were inadequate and some major industrial building fires prompted the need to evaluate a water system that would solve those problems and provide for growth and development of the Town of Lincoln where its citizens would be provided with an adequate drinking water supply and much needed fire protection.

The Lincoln Water Commission purchased water lines from Woonsocket, Pawtucket and Cumberland and constructed water transmission mains, water storage facilities and large capacity wells to create its own water system that eventually was expanded to serve the entire Town.

In 1985, Lincoln connected to the Providence water system for its primary water supply and discontinued use of its wells due to contamination of some of the wells. Today, after years of water system expansion, the Lincoln water system consists of approximately 133 miles of water mains ranging in size up to 24" diameter, serving the entire town.

Lincoln also operates four main pumping stations and one well pumping station for its source of water supply and has the capability of drawing water from Woonsocket for supplemental supply.